The Philosophy Behind The OTFM Mission


Free Market: (n.) An economic system in which the goods, services, prices and values within the market system are created, shaped, decided upon and influenced by the supply and demand of the consumers and producers in an environment of voluntary exchange between individual entities with little to  no government regulation or intervention.

Here at OTFM we highly revere, support, defend and encourage free market economic practices. We are here to shine a light upon the core values and virtues of economic freedom, as well as highlight the great things and people which have left and are leaving their mark on history, because of the freedom which they used to innovate, compete and change the world around them. We highly revere the blessing of such a thought to be given unto mankind: to respect our fellow man as an individual with God given rights; having equal opportunity in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Now there is technically no country nor society to currently have or (debatably) ever  have had a truly free market. Government power and the greed of man seem to always seep into the grand scheme of things in one way or another when it comes to the economy. This creates the need for constraints to be put on the market, creating a restricted environment with laws and regulations. When many think of a free market, a good lot might think of the United States as an example, when this is simply not the case, at least not as much as some other countries. Although elements of free market practices exist, they are restricted. What we commonly see as the “modern free market” is what they call laissez-faire or “leave-alone” capitalism. There are many factors which make up a free market, and, as versatile as they are, they also come with  a variety of outcomes, within free market boundaries, of course. 

In any sense, economic systems and societies which uphold and value individual freedom of choice, individual property rights, and voluntary free trade are upholding the very roots and foundations of what makes a healthy free market society: you and me. When we start to abandon those liberties in exchange for short term comfort, safety and security, we become a mindless mob whom the greedy upper class can rule freely and we abandon our dignity as a human being. Liberty is the fuel in our hearts which helps us to grow, encourage and help others, it is how we learn and explore all that exists in this realm of life. Life is only found in freedom. As Alexander Hamilton said “The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature,by the hand of the divinity itself, and can never be erased.” The Farmer Refuted (1775).

In an economic world, individual freedom is HUGE. Economics is the most complex realm of human activity because it encompasses just about everything about our lives. It’s where we all intermingle, whether directly or indirectly, it pays the bills, determines where we live, what we drive, what we consume, etc., etc. With the individual at the top of the priority list, this gives all an equal opportunity. In a situation where a person is given the opportunity to explore what they are good at, to intermingle between classes, and to contribute as much as anyone else, this leaves little room for discrimination and oppression and gives tons of room for innovation and competition.

These thoughts and ideals are as old as mankind. Unfortunately, we have seen the continuous power of greed which rises up in the hearts of those with power. When the government, or a powerful few begin to infringe upon the individual liberties, we can clearly see the trouble which it causes.  Big government suffocates the market; competition is hindered, and innovation loses morale through heavy market regulation. A heavily regulated economy hands control of business to a select few, while the populous has little to no influence on the growth or advancement in an economy. If competition is impeded, they who benefit are the ones in control. When this happens, the results are market stagnation and minimal market expansion.

Free Markets encourage innovation. If anyone can improve upon a product, or even create their own, they can capitalize on their innovation in a competitive market space. This free market platform encourages the masses to enhance the economy with their ideas, resulting in various products and services which expand and boost the market. In free market environments, the consumer always wins: the producers are always striving to be the best and offer the best. 

Markets can be full of innovation and competition, or regulation and monopolies. A market that encourages competition will always be more prosperous.

Economic structures play a very vital role in societies and have a significant impact on all of our daily lives. The goal of OTFM is to promote the virtues of human dignity and life in the world of voluntary exchange. We will bring focus to the competition and innovation which drives the market, as well as the producers and products of it, with an emphasis on the freedom of the individual which lies at the foundation. We also intend to bring attention to the various other factors, issues, products, and peoples who have been affected by either the benefits of the free markets, or the lack thereof. Being brought up in a country which was built upon this philosophy of freedom in the USA, we love what we’ve been given and support the notion that we ought not take what we have for granted. We are here to encourage and inspire all to explore, admire, ponder and to use the freedom that lies within us all as individuals within our communities.